Business and Smart phones - What your carrier and business can learn from smartphones.

According to, there were approximately 157.7 Million smart phone users in Africa as at 2018 and 173.8 Million currently in 2019. In Nigeria alone 20.5 Million people use smart phones as at 2018, this figure is expected to rise to about 23.3 Million in 2019.


Business and smart phones


In very simple terms, it means that we have more smart phone users than the population of Liberia, Congo, Libya, Namibia and Botswana combined. You also must have heard the consistent comparison between smart phones and smart people, where people really wonder if phones are now smarter than the phone users themselves.

I am always of the opinion that smart phones are there to optimize our daily routine and hence make use do things even smarter; we might as well see smart phones as an appendage. In this article I will be addressing one integral part of our smart phones that makes them relate with us on a day-to-day basis, APPLICATION (or simply, APPS), and 3 things we can learn from smart phone applications to boost our business and career.

Trust me, you will be surprised the dimension this article will lead you through, but of course there’s a lot you can still learn from that smart phone in your hands.

Install Applications: The world is becoming more complex, and filled with new and new information, all at our disposal. Let’s assume that Mr. A and Mr. B are part of the 23.3 Million Smart phone users in Nigeria, these two individuals will definitely have their different tastes, preferences and life values. Guess what, they will most likely have different applications running on their smart phones.

This means that they already have a clear definition of what they want on their phone in order to optimize their phone usage. In your business and career, you need to have that sort of definition, what kind of information do you want running in your mind that will optimize your operation. Just as Mr. A and Mr. B have different values that drives them to the apps they install, you also should be able to define the values that drives you to the information you ‘download’. Just before Mr. A and Mr. B installs any app they need to ask certain questions:

Where to install from? There are many places you may want to install whatever app it is. Google play store, iOS App Store, Window App store, or even via websites. What this means is as you grow your business or career, you need to be able to identify the information mines. You should know how to locate what information, is it in a book? Is it in a certain magazine, movie, or in a website? When you locate it, you go for it.

From whom to install? You need to be very certain of the source of the application you intend to install. Smart people always check the info of the app before they install. It has to be from a trustworthy source and even if you are not familiar with the source (but you still like the app), you can check reviews too. In real life, there is a lot of information around, from sources uncountable.  So you can do well to guard your mind and accept information from sources that are trustworthy.


Business and smart phones


Open Applications: When an application is downloaded you will always have an option to open the app or you could tap ‘Done’. I will advise you open the app in order to know its practicability. What this means is that when you get new information, apply it. Don’t just let it lie dormant in your mind. Make it practical.

What the use of installing apps and leaving them in your smart phone, it will only occupy space. Except you installed it in order to use it in the future, when you know you need it. Whatever the reason may be, my point is simple, apply whatever you have, open your app and start using it.

Update your Applications: When you walk around with outdated apps, it’s like walking with a bag full of coins, when people have their ATM Cards in their wallet. Updating your apps lets you in on the latest feature from the app developers. While some apps update by themselves, some will require you to go to the app store to check if there is an update for you.

Information that will help you build your business or career are always being updated to fit into current realities as well as to allow for future possibilities. I always tell people to always be on auto-update mode. Read the latest inc. or Forbes issue; listen to the latest podcast or TED Talk. Remember to also open and start using this update.

These simple things are what we do on our smart phones mostly on a daily basis but it is nice to see how much we can learn from just installing apps, using them and updated them and how they can affect our career growth. In a world where everyone is in the race to becoming a better version of themselves in whatever they do, these 3 simple techniques will always come in handy.

I advise that you apply them and repeat. Remember it takes 90 days to build a habit, so why don’t you start off with a 90 day calendar.

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